Commodore revives Amiga with the new Amiga Mini PC

If you’ve been using computers since the 80s, you’ll have used or maybe heard of Amiga computers made by Commodore. The Amiga was an iconic line of computers that went on through the 80s and continued till the beginning of 90s. Eventually, the competition caught up and soon after Commodore went bankrupt, Amiga computers slowly phased out. Commodore as a brand wasn’t known much for a long time. Now, it appears they’ve come back and they’ve launched a desktop PC out of the blue, based on the Amiga brand. It’s called the Amiga Mini and it’s a compact, Apple Mac Mini-like desktop in a metal casing and includes some neat features. It’s by no means, a high-end gaming rig. 

Commodore revives the Amiga brand with the Amiga Mini

Commodore revives the Amiga brand with the Amiga Mini



The Amiga Mini comes in a couple of variants. The case for starters, is available in black and white colours. There are Core i3, i5 and i7 processors to choose from - the fastest being the Core i7 2700K. The board used is based on an Intel Z68 chipset and is of the mini-ITX form factor. Memory options go up from 4GB to 8GB and storage is available in the form of a 1TB SATA drive or 300 and 600GB solid state drive options. The cheapest possible configuration sells for $1495 (approx Rs. 76,500) in the U.S, while the fully spec’d version would set you back by $2990 (Rs.1,53,000), which is a lot of money considering the Amiga Mini uses an ancient NVIDIA GeForce GT430 graphics solution. There’s no space for an improved graphics solution either with just one free PCIe x4 slot. An integrated WiFi solution and Blu-ray drive are part of the bundle, though. Shipping will start in roughly 4 to 6 weeks time. 


It’s hard to imagine what Commodore is trying to do with the Amiga Mini. The PC market is already frail and there’s plenty of competition. Launching a highly expensive PC after so long seems very odd.

Published Date: Mar 23, 2012 11:07 am | Updated Date: Mar 23, 2012 11:07 am