Cloud computing to employ 2 million in India by 2015, reveals study

Cloud computing, among other things has been an emerging trend in the country and if a Microsoft commissioned study, conducted by IDC is anything to go by, then this trend is set to grow only bigger in the coming years. The study revealed that cloud computing alone would account for 2 million jobs by 2015, in India, while generating some 14 million new jobs, globally, at the same time. Further, the study found that more than 50 percent of the jobs, thus created would be in the small and medium businesses, and that over 2 million jobs would be created in the communications and media and manufacturing sectors, each, too. Cloud computing is also poised to generate roughly 1.4 million jobs in the banking sector, the study found. Further, the report stated that it witnessed a "strong linkage" between cloud, innovation and entrepreneurship; and added that this - cloud innovation would, by 2015 bring in revenues, which could reach US$1.1 trillion per year. 


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Cloud computing's the way to go..



The study, through its course of research also found that the countries who would invest in key cloud infrastructure would see a growth in jobs. It added that factors like projected level of spending on IT, degree of automation, workforce size amongst others, had a direct bearing on the number of jobs that would be created in a particular country.


The report, apart from being insightful, also threw light on some past year trends. It stated, "Cloud computing is already changing how IT delivers economic value to countries, cities, industries, and businesses. IDC estimates that in 2011 alone, IT cloud services helped businesses around the world generate more than US$600 billion in revenue and 1.5 million new jobs.  Further, the spending on public cloud IT services in 2011 stood at US$28 billion, while the total spending on IT products and services was US$1.7 trillion."


Quoting John F. Gantz, Chief Research Officer and Senior Vice President at IDC, the report stated, "For most organizations, cloud computing is a no-brainer when considering it enables massive return on investment and flexibility. A common misperception is cloud computing is a job eliminator, but in truth it will be a job creator — a major one. And job growth will occur across continents and throughout organizations of all sizes because emerging markets, small cities and small businesses have the same access to cloud benefits as large enterprises or developed nations."

Published Date: Mar 06, 2012 01:27 pm | Updated Date: Mar 06, 2012 01:27 pm