Clickjacking Attack Spreads Virally Across Facebook

IT security and data protection firm, Sophos is advising Facebook users to be cautious following a widespread clickjacking attack that hit hundreds of thousands of users on the popular networking site over the holiday weekend.

Affected profiles can be identified by having apparently 'liked' links with titles including-

'[Facebook user name] likes LOL This girl gets OWNED after a POLICE OFFICER
reads her STATUS MESSAGE.'

'This man takes a picture of himself EVERYDAY for 8 YEARS!!'

'This Girl Has An Interesting Way Of Eating A Banana, Check It Out!'

Clicking on the links takes Facebook users to a page with a single line of text reading, 'Click here to continue'.

Published Date: Jun 03, 2010 02:23 pm | Updated Date: Jun 03, 2010 02:23 pm