Civilization V to get Brave New World expansion this summer

After the Gods and Kings expansion pack, Civilization V seems to be on its way to getting another expansion pack. According to Eurogamer, 2K Games has announced the Brave New World expansion pack for the turn-based strategy game. It is set to be released in summer this year.

The expansion will add nine new civilisations to the game and each one of them will have new unique units and buildings. The new civilisations will be led by new leaders, for example, Casimir III of Poland.

The expansion also has a new victory condition for those who prefer winning their games with culture. You can use Great Artists, Writers and Musicians to create masterpieces, which will in turn let you gain influence over the other civilisations. The first civilisation to gain a majority of influence over all other civilisations will win.

It will feature a World Congress. The World Congress essentially votes on issues like trade sanctions against rogue nations. You will be able to influence resolutions that could potentially change the game. "A new lead into the Diplomatic Victory ensures that the end of the game will be more dynamic than ever before," according to Firaxis.

Don't worry, I won't sing the song from Aladdin

Don't worry, I won't sing the song from Aladdin


There's also new International Trade Routes, new wonders and two new scenarios—War Between the States and Scramble for Africa.

"After adding a number of great new features to Civilization 5 with the Gods & Kings expansion, the team continued to search for ways to create even more exciting gameplay through new systems and features," said Civilization creator Sid Meier. "We're happy to bring our fans another ambitious expansion that will provide hours and hours of new Civilization experiences."

Civilization is a series of 4X games, where 4X stands for X-Plore, X-Pand, X-Ploit and X-Terminate. In the games, you lead a civilisation from its humble beginnings in the Classical Age to victory. The game is famous for having hours of fun from a single match, and most players prefer to play with the AI. The first game only had two ways to win—conquering everyone or sending a colony to Alpha Centauri. Three more conditions were eventually added in future iterations of the game: get elected leader of the world by the United Nations, controlling a dominant chunk of the planet (which replaced the conqueing victory condition), or create a culture so influential that it engulfs everyone else's.

The latest game in the series—Civilization V—brought many changes to the franchise. The biggest change in the new game was that instead of having squares for tiles, we had hexagons. This essentially gave us six ways we could move any of our units around.

Published Date: Mar 15, 2013 06:21 pm | Updated Date: Mar 15, 2013 06:21 pm