Civilization 5's Brave New World expansion pack up for pre-order

The upcoming expansion pack for Civilization 5, dubbed Brave New World, is now available for pre-order on digital distribution platform Steam. However, there doesn't seem to be a release date for the expansion pack just yet. Brave New World is set to cost $29.99 (roughly Rs 1,702), but is available on a discount as part of Steam's Weekend Madness sale, bringing the price down to $26.99 (Rs 1,532).

Civilization 5 itself is also available at a discount right now, bringing its $29.99 price tag down to $7.49 (roughly Rs 425). If you want to try the game out without buying it, you can play it for free this weekend. Other Civilization 5 DLC and expansion packs, such as the Cradle of Civilization DLC bundle and the Gods and Kings expansion pack are also on sale. The Cradle of Civilization bundle costs $2.49 (roughly Rs 141) down from its $9.99 price tag and Gods and Kings is available for $7.49 down from its $29.99 price tag.

I fear the day Brave New World comes out; I'll end up losing entire nights to the game again

I fear the day Brave New World comes out; I'll end up losing entire nights to the game again


The Brave New World expansion pack was announced back in March. It is set for release some time this summer. The expansion will add nine new civilisations to the game and each one of them will have new unique units and buildings. The new civilisations will be led by new leaders, for example, Casimir III of Poland.

The expansion also has a new victory condition for those who prefer winning their games with culture. You can use Great Artists, Writers and Musicians to create masterpieces, which will in turn let you gain influence over the other civilisations. The first civilisation to gain a majority of influence over all other civilisations will win.

It will feature a World Congress. The World Congress essentially votes on issues like trade sanctions against rogue nations. You will be able to influence resolutions that could potentially change the game. "A new lead into the Diplomatic Victory ensures that the end of the game will be more dynamic than ever before," according to Firaxis.

There's also new International Trade Routes, new wonders and two new scenarios—War Between the States and Scramble for Africa.


Published Date: Jun 07, 2013 10:15 am | Updated Date: Jun 07, 2013 10:15 am