Chrome's testing 'auto-login' for web apps

Team Chrome seems to be neck deep in work, trying to introduce newer fits to its Chrome browser. With the week gone by bringing offline access of Gmail, Docs and Calendar especially for Chrome users, this week comes with news of another update being tested. According to an Extreme Tech report, Chrome is testing a new feature, which it would incorporate in the future versions of its web browser. The new feature would have the users enabled with pre-login and auto-login options for web applications on Google. As mentioned above, the service hasn’t been formally introduced, and is not even built on Chrome, but on its experimental build, Canary. 

With auto-login coming soon

With auto-login coming soon



Those with access to Canary could also give the auto-login a shot, by accessing ‘about:flags’ in the Canary page. The report further adds that with the ‘pre-login’ and ‘auto-login’ features rolling out, users would have access to Gmail, Google Docs, Google Reader, Picasa, almost instantaneously. However, the catch here is that 'auto-login' would mean that your personal account will be potentially accessible to anyone using the same browser (without knowing your password) by simply double-clicking the Chrome icon, the report further revealed. 


However, hopes of Google fixing these issues and rolling out a secure, auto-login feature across the Chrome platform, uniformly are strong. 

Published Date: Sep 08, 2011 12:04 pm | Updated Date: Sep 08, 2011 12:04 pm