Chromebooks likely to launch in India early next year

Google had taken the wraps off its Google Chromebook running on the Chrome OS (cloud based) at the Google I/O, earlier this year. The Chromebook has been crafted especially for Internet browsing. In the past, we've seen Samsung and Acer Chromebooks carry price tags ranging from $349 (approx. Rs.17,675) to $499 (approx. Rs.25,271). Now, a report in The Hindu confirms that Chromebooks could be here by early next year.

Google's Chromebook from Acer

Google Chromebooks coming to India?


The Chrome browser is quite popular in India. In fact, according to the StatCounter Global stats, it even surpassed IE to take the second spot after Firefox.


Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice-President, Chrome and Apps for Google, said: “We are very excited about chrome books we have taken our 1st step in the long journey. So we have exceeded the market in many countries to gain mindshare. In 2012 we will be expanding in more countries and it's my hope that we will be India also.” He further said, “I would be very surprised if Chromebooks are not shipped in India by early 2012. We see India as a huge potential market for us.” He also spoke about the failure of Buzz and how it has helped in the making of Google+."

Published Date: Nov 17, 2011 12:59 pm | Updated Date: Nov 17, 2011 12:59 pm