Chrome turns 3!

Popular browser Chrome, turns three today. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the three years that Chrome has existed it has thrown in some competition to those others around. Team Chrome has on the occasion released an interactive infographic, HTML5-powered presentation, which basically puts together the chronographic timeline of the evolution of all major web browsers, and other path-breaking technologies.

The timeline..

The timeline..



In an official blog post, where Team Chrome breaks its birthday news, it also reflects on its three S principles - Speed, Simplicity and Security and breaks these further down to note changes that the past year has seen. Chrome believes to have locked the speed aspect with the introduction of the 'Crankshaft' search engine, thereby taking the Javascript performance to a 66 percent high. Chrome claims to have speedened up the search process, courtesy an improved settings interface. Chrome Instant, by completing your searches, or guessing close does make for a faster experience.


Team Chrome also claim to have made the experience a lot more simpler, and accessible, so much so that the visually-impaired, too, claimingly find no hiccups in using it. Security also seems to be a plus point for Chrome, wherein an integrated 'Sandbox PDF viewer' allows viewing of PDF files without having to download any additionally software. 


Now with the Chromebook, and the Chrome Web Store coming along well, it seems to have been a worthwhile journey. Happy Birthday, Chrome! 

Published Date: Sep 02, 2011 05:24 pm | Updated Date: Sep 02, 2011 05:24 pm