Chrome most secure browser, IE placed second ahead of Firefox

One of the reasons for Firefox's popularity was its higher levels of security, which was debatable with Internet Explorer. Now, a report by Accuvant states that it’s not Firefox that’s the most secure browser today, its Google’s Chrome. Accuvant did a whole range of tests and checks to see how secure these browsers are. What’s shocking is that Internet Explorer ranks ahead of Firefox in terms of security. The report also notes the frequency of updates and finds that Google releases regular updates to its browser, while Firefox updates are more erratic in terms of frequency. Chrome has a proper Sandboxing system implemented, while Firefox lacks one. JIT hardening, another safety mechanism that can prevent malicious code from being run on the PC isn’t present on Firefox. Internet Explorer has this, though.

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Now, the most secure browser around



The report doesn’t mention anything about the other browsers, such as Safari or Opera. Surprisingly, URL blocking is not present on any of the three browsers. Chrome recently became the second most popular browser being used, behind Internet Explorer, which it might soon overtake in the near future. Firefox appears to have lost its momentum as Chrome seems to be rapidly picking up speed.