Chrome beats Firefox to become second most used browser

The browser war is something we’ve been watching closely over the year. Internet Explorer, thanks to its early adoption has managed to stay at the number one spot, but its market share is quickly dwindling as Firefox and Chrome compete for the next best - number two spot. A report by StatCounter, a service that monitors internet statistics has seen Chrome beat Firefox in the month of November. Chrome reportedly has a market share of 25.69 percent, as compared to Firefox’s 25.23 percent through the month. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still has a healthy lead of 40.63 percent, which is slowly, but steadily dropping. Internet Explorer was the most dominant browser for a very long time. 

Google Chrome 11 brings big performance improvements

Leaving the fox behind...



StatCounter expects Google to take on Microsoft for the number one browser place in the near future. The service records the number of users per browser and not the number of downloads that each one has. Internet Explorer continues to have a healthy market share in the U.S. In fact, the numbers in the U.S increased slightly from 50.24 percent last year to 50.66 percent this year. While Chrome might have taken a minor lead over Firefox, the trend for the newest of the browsers is healthy. It shows that Chrome will be able to extend that lead as months go by. Mozilla has made changes to make their browser more efficient, but they seem to have lost the momentum they once had with Firefox. Increasing extensions support for the Google Chrome has also been another reason for users to switch over from Firefox.