'Choose' app permissions on Facebook using OOptOut

Facebook's full of new and interesting apps, and I for one cannot resist trying them. But, hitting yes each time the list of permissions pop up, asking me to give access to the details I uploaded to my account, e-mail id, permission to post to Facebook, and lastly, permission to access my posts and data, makes me wonder if it is any worth it. Now, a new Chrome Extension called OOptOut developed by Python programmer, Chad Selph allows users to pick and choose what permissions they want to give and what they want to withhold, while trying a certain app. 

Permissions page

Permissions page with the OOptOut extension installed 



The extension, however has not yet made its way to the Chrome Web Store, but those who're really keen to try it out can visit Github, where it is available. However, doing this means following the steps below:


  • Do a git clone of this repository
  • Open up Chrome to chrome://extensions
  • Turn on "Developer Mode"
  • Click "Load unpacked extension"
  • Find the folder of your git checkout!
After having chosen the OoptOut feature

After having chosen the required inputs



With the OOptOut extension in tow, each time a user proceeds to trying an app on Facebook and hits upon a 'Permission Page', OOptOut will add a small bar, which is a plain white strip running across the portion above the permission box with checkboxes for every permission the app requires. Herein, users can choose what details they can give out, and what they don't want to. Once done, all they have to do is hit "Update" and all the changes get saved. Then, users can proceed as they would usually do, by clicking on "Allow".


The developer is still working on polishing some facets of the extension, like finding a better name, instead of the existing one, a description, maybe of what each permission does, also the ability to add permissions the site isn't asking for really, among others.