CES 2014: Samsung unveils Ativ Book 9 2014 Edition laptop, One7 all-in-one

Besides its many TVs, home appliances and tablets, Samsung took to Las Vegas with some new PCs - a laptop and an all-in-one.


The traditional notebook, insofar as WIndows 8 PCs can be called these days, came in the form of the new Ativ Book 9 2014 Edition. It's clearly an extension of the already-existing Ativ Book 9 series and has the same slim, light body of its predecessors. Samsung calls it a 'sophisticated, aerodynamic design', and while we wouldn't go so far, it does seem to have metal exterior and a unibody look to it.


It sports a 15.6-inch display which Samsung says it is 20 percent brighter than the previous generation screen and none of that 1366x768 nonsense; this one's full HD. Samsung has failed to mention whether it will be a touchscreen in its press release, and the lack of one could be a big dealbreaker at this point. It features 2 USB 3.0 ports and a single USB 2.0 port, along with an HDMI port, a mini VGA port, an RJ45 Ethernet port, internal card reader, and a security lock slot. 


Sleek machine

Sleek machine




The 2014 Book 9 uses Intel Core i5 or i7 ULV processors and Intel HD Graphics 4400. It gets 8GB of RAM, and up to 1GB in SSD storage (that's dual SSD). A 720p webcam sits atop the display. Music duties will be handled by SPlayer+, a lossless audio player, working together with a Wolfson DAC chip. Samsung claims a 14-hour battery life, which we are itching to test. Though a launch date hasn't been announced yet, the laptop is not restricted for the US market and will be available globally. 


Samsung also announced the 24-inch Ativ One7 all-in-one running WIndows 8.1. The display is full HD touchscreen and has a 178-degree viewing angle along with an anti-reflection coating. Internally, it has 4th gen Intel Core i3 and i5 processors with integrated graphics. There's 8GB of RAM and option of a 1TB HDD or a combination of that along with a 12GB SSD. Once again, there's a 720p webcam on top of the screen. Available in White from February in Korea, the all-in-one has two USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, HDMI in and out, and an RJ45 jack. 

Published Date: Jan 06, 2014 23:27 PM | Updated Date: Jan 06, 2014 23:27 PM