CES 2014 round-up: Curved 4K TVs; Micromax LapTab and wearables galore

The Consumer Electronics Show kick starts the year for tech enthusiasts and companies alike. There's quite a lot of excitement in Las Vegas to see what the year ahead brings for us. As the first day at the CES 2013 wrapped up today morning (IST), it left us with a slew of announcements, gadgets and smart technologies to talk about. This year, manufacturers seem to be focusing on curved displays and wearables, but there were quite a few exciting announcements in other categories too. Let’s take a quick recap of some of the most exciting devices shown off on Day 1 at CES 2014.

The wearables category is where we expected a lot of action and we weren't disappointed. For starters, LG put on display its all new fitness-focussed Lifeband Touch that works with both Android and iOS. The Lifeband Touch is a water-resistant band that can keep track of calorie consumption and other vital statistics, and also serves as a second screen to view phone notifications, play music and more. Among the bunch of devices showcased by Sony, one will find fitness tracking SmartBand and Core wearable devices. Besides, Intel also gave us a glimpse of its SD card-sized computer called Edison built specifically for wearables and soon to be seen in products.

Fitness-focussed smartwatch

A fitness-focussed band from LG

Tablets and convertibles
In spite of surveys claiming time and again that phablets are slowly eating into the small tablet space, CES tells us that tablets are here to stay. The biggest tablet announcements from Day 1 came from Samsung that launched the Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro series. The Pro series include Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Tab Pro 12.2 tablets. The Note Pro 12.2 and Tab Pro 12.2 are identical is almost every respect with the only real difference being the inclusion of S Pen with the former. The Tab Pro will also be available in smaller sizes of 10.1-inch and 8.4-inch variants.


A big surprise came from Micromax that unveiled the Canvas LapTab running Android and Windows. However, users will have to reboot the tablet to switch between the two OSes, something Intel is trying to eliminate with the Dual OS PCs.

Micromax's first ever Windows tablet, the Canvas LapTab, also runs Android

Micromax's first ever Windows tablet, the Canvas LapTab, also runs Android

Lenovo has also put forth a new Miix 2 tablet that aims to offer a blend of PC and tablet experience. Running on Windows 8.1, the tablets use magnets to attach to the keyboard dock. It also shows off the Windows 8.1-powered ThinkPad 8 tablet at the CES this year. In the mobile gaming space, we saw Nvidia show off its next generation 192-core super chip - the Tegra K1. The new chip promises a major leap forward in gaming and mobile performance.


On the other hand, Asus has put on display what it calls a 4-in-1 Asus Transformer Book Duet (TD300). It is positioned as the world’s first quad-mode, dual-OS laptop and tablet convertible and runs both Android and Windows 8.


Notebooks and AIO
On the laptop front, Lenovo put on display the Y and Z series notebooks while Samsung announced Ativ Book 9 2014 Edition. Sony has expanded its VAIO line-up of laptops with a new 11-inch Flip model called the Fit 11A.  This isn’t all, Lenovo has also put forth its ThinkVision 28 all-in-one PC that supports 4K content and runs on Android.

We saw Sony make a few announcements in this space. Firstly, the company has launched what it calls the world’s lightest interchangeable lens camera with Wi-Fi connectivity dubbed Alpha A5000. Besides, it has launched a host of camcorders including a 4K recorder, and a POV shooter. On the other hand, Panasonic debuted travel zoom compacts such as the TZ60 with EVF and the TZ55 with a tiltable screen. Nikon flagged off the CES this year with its entry-level D3300, which sports an Expeed 4 image processor. The D3300 is equipped with an electronic viewfinder and comes with the compact AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II standard zoom lens that incorporates a new retractable lens barrel design found in Nikon’s 1 NIKKOR lens series.


Nikon's new entry-level DSLR

Nikon's new entry-level DSLR

The first day was rather dull for the smartphones segment. We saw Huawei launch the 6.1-inch Ascend Mate 2 4G phablet. In an age where smartphones with 2K displays are coming to market, the 720p display might seem anachronistic, but we hope that means it also has a suitably low price tag.  Apart from the Huawei phablet, we saw the Xperia Z1 Compact that is the company's Z1 in a smaller body with a 4.3-inch IPS display and a 20MP camera.

Television makers are slowly hinting at a shift to curved panels, and the first day at CES 2014 will vouch for it. Leading TV manufacturers - Samsung and LG – strengthened their TV line-up by adding more curves to them. LG took the cover off the world’s first Flexible OLED TV. With this groundbreaking 77-inch TV unit, viewers can control the angle of curvature for the ultimate viewing experience that was only available in the realm of science fiction. For 2014, Samsung is introducing a wide variety of UHD TVs including the world’s largest at 110 inches, and a total of six curved TV sets. Samsung also showed a prototype for a bendable TV, which flexes at the user's control.


Keep an eye on your dental health

Keep an eye on your dental health

At CES 2014, Google showed its serious about getting Android to cars. It has formed an Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) which is made up of industry leaders such as GM Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Audi, chipmaker Nvidia and, of course, Google.The alliance will be working on bringing Android to automotives with focus on entertainment, navigation and safety.


While we saw a bunch of devices that track your fitness, a new gadget could change the way you brush your teeth. Kolibree, a connected electric toothbrush will – using an app – give you more information about your dental hygiene, thereby getting you to be a little more conscious about your brushing routine. The

While those were the major highlights of Day 1 at CES, watch out for our daily bulletins about the major events at the trade show. Click here to get all the latest information about CES 2014.

Published Date: Jan 07, 2014 02:48 pm | Updated Date: Jan 07, 2014 02:48 pm