CES 2014: After LG, Sony shows off fitness tracking SmartBand and Core wearable devices

Sony has announced a bunch of new products, including the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, at the CES at Las Vegas. The company has also added to its SmartWear experience vision by adding the SmartBand to its line of products.

The SmartBand is a part of the SmartWear line up of products. The wearable device is a fitness tracker that bears resemblance to most trackers out there in the market currently, including FitBit and Nike FuelBand. Sony’s SmartBand will help you log daily activities using the device and will be fed into Sony’s Lifelog application.

A new smartband from Sony

A new smartband from Sony


You can use the SmartBand to set yourself goals, see how many steps you’re taking, and also see how close you are to your current goals. If you like working out to music, you can even use the SmartBand to play, pause and skip tracks. Details will be showcased on the SmartBand’s LED display.

Sony is touting five days of battery life for the SmartBand and has also said that it’s waterproof and safe to wear it in the shower. The band will come in white, black, pink and purple colours.

Along with the SmartBand, Sony also announced the Core, another life-tracking device that you can carry around with you. You can even attach the device to your SmartBand and have it track your motions better. It can connect to your phone using Bluetooth and can send data to the accompanying app. Of course, pricing and availability has not been revealed yet, as this was essentially just a teaser by Sony at the CES.  


On the sidelines of the CES, LG unveiled its own wearable device, the LG Lifeband Touch. The Lifeband Touch is a water-resistant band that can keep track of calorie consumption, footsteps, and other fitness statistics. The fitness tracker sports an OLED touch display and also serves as a smartwatch to view phone notifications, keep a tab on exercise goals, play music and more. Samsung too is rumoured to come up with the Galaxy Band, touted to be the Galaxy Gear's successor, at the CES this year.

Published Date: Jan 07, 2014 09:05 am | Updated Date: Jan 07, 2014 09:05 am