CES 2013: Swype Living Language uses crowdsourcing for real-time word prediction

Nuance Communications Inc.  announced a further evolution of intuitive and intelligent keyboards with the launch of Swype Living Language. An evolution of the Hotwords technology announced in September, Swype Living Language uses crowdsourcing to analyse new words and phrases in real-time, continuously updating its language dictionaries. You can download the Swype Beta for Android to any Android device including those with Swype preloaded by heading to this link right here.

Taking word prediction to the next level

Taking word prediction to the next level


In addition to integrating the power of Dragon voice recognition, Swype has also been augmented by integrating with personalized, intelligent dictionaries that learn and adapt to the words and phrases that people use most. Now, Swype Living Language allows people who opt-in to share and receive trending words and phrases in real-time, creating an up-to-date, crowd-sourced language model. The result is a predictive input experience that is simple and fast, with relevant, trending words and phrases supported as you swype, write, speak or tap. Swype now also features Smart Editor, which analyzes an entire sentence, flagging any potential errors for a quick fix and update, including suggesting the most likely alternatives based on contextual analysis.

The software has also expanded dictation capabilities and now supports Dragon Dictation in a dozen new languages including Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Malay, Romanian, Slovak, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, and Ukrainian. "Swype continues to be the best keyboard in the industry, leading the way with innovations that really work and that people really use – and Swype Living Language is yet another example," said Aaron Sheedy, vice president, text input, Nuance Mobile. "By leveraging the cloud and crowd-sourcing input from around the world, Swype provides users with a device that further humanizes interactions through touch-and changes the way our increasingly dynamic language is learned and used."

The only real competition to Swype right now is the Gesture Typing feature that comes baked into Jelly Bean, which is still at its nascent stages but that very soon change with the new version of Android coming out sometime in June this year.

Published Date: Jan 09, 2013 01:26 AM | Updated Date: Jan 09, 2013 01:26 AM