CES 2013: Sony unveils new Handycam camcorders with Wi-Fi and built-in projector

Sony has unveiled its new Handycam camcorders at the ongoing CES event. One of the upgrades compared to the previous generation of Handycam camcorders includes increased picture quality, higher brightness for built-in projection, Wi-Fi and other performance boosts.

The camcorders feature an LED-based projector built into the flip-out LCD panel that can project video and images up to 100-inch diagonal onto any flat surface with upgraded resolution. Some models also have an external HDMI input that lets users project content from compatible smartphones, tablets or PCs. Some models also have a microphone and a sound processor.

The new camcorders in Sony's Handycam line-up have a built-in projector

The new camcorders in Sony's Handycam line-up have a built-in projector


The camcorders offer the option of recording HD video in either top-quality AVCHD or web-friendly MP4 formats. While AVCHD offers the highest-quality picture for viewing on an HDTV or burning to a Blu-ray disc for archiving, shooting crisply-detailed clips using the popular bandwidth-saving MP4 format is perfect for online sharing and easy uploads to social media web sites.

“As the leader in this category, each year we strive to improve upon our feature-rich camcorder family and innovate in ways that provide value to consumers,” said Hidenori Toyoda, Director, Camcorder Business, Sony Electronics. “We’ve been listening to what people say they want in a premium video camera and continue to deliver on that feedback.”

The Handycam line-up now also has an optional Wi-Fi adaptor that allows cable-free transfer of videos and pictures. Users can also operate camcorders through a compatible smartphone.

Published Date: Jan 08, 2013 03:50 pm | Updated Date: Jan 08, 2013 03:50 pm