CES 2012: Corning to showcase Gorilla Glass 2 next week

Famed for their scratch resistant glass for mobile devices, Corning is all set to show off its next generation rugged glass – Gorilla Glass 2. But this time, they’ll be doing things on a much larger scale. Besides mobile phones, Gorilla Glass 2 will also be used in new application spaces like LCD TVs, home appliances and touch-enabled automobile interiors. Their current product is used by more than thirty of the biggest brands in over 575 products.

Balls of steel!

Balls of steel!


Corning’s booth at CES 2012 will also explore the benefits of their tamper proof glass in much larger formats, which include touch displays for education, entertainment, auto and home appliances. Some of the new design possibilities that will be showcased, include an 82-inch multi-touch, LCD display prototype with Corning’s special glass and a Gorilla Glass covered video wall flanked by speakers fabricated out of the same glass. Dr. Peter Bocko, Corning’s Chief Technology Officer will be one of the panelists to explain the latest advances in this field.

So, when can we see phones and tablets with this new glass? Well, that remains to be seen, also we'll have to see if Gorilla Glass 2 is ready for mass production. We do have a sneaking suspicion though that Samsung would be the first to feature this on the Galaxy S III, given their past love for Corning glass on their devices.

Published Date: Jan 06, 2012 01:10 pm | Updated Date: Jan 06, 2012 01:10 pm