CES 2011: Samsung Introduces New Line of Television Accessories

Samsung’s ringing in the New Year with a whole range of brand new innovative and highly stylized television accessories. Here’s what they will soon have in stores for us:

Samsung's innovative range of television accessories - coming soon

Feather-Light and Fast 3D Active Prescription-Ready Glasses: At a mere 0.027 kg, these are “the world’s lightest 3D active glasses” (SSG-3700CR), with a weight that’s at least 25% lower than before. No, there’s no compromise on performance either: in fact, the contrast ratio here is improved, resulting in a brighter 3D picture with reduced cross-talk and viewing fatigue. For bespectacled viewers, there is an option of ordering prescription lenses for the SSG-3700CR so that two pairs of glasses don’t get in the way of your viewing pleasure.

Touch Control: Sporting a three-inch LCD screen that lets you continue to watch your program on it even when you’re no longer in the same room as your TV, the very slick Samsung Touch Control also allows users to watch content playing on the TV from external sources such as DVD and Blu-ray players. But wait, there’s more. Hooked up to a wireless network at home or in the office, the Touch Control can also access Samsung apps such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, even when the television is switched off.

Wireless Charger: It has the power to charge up to four pairs of 3D active glasses, and takes about the same time to charge them wirelessly as it does with a wired charge.

TV Camera Brings Videophones to the Big Screen: An inbuilt HD sensor, auto-focus, four high-fidelity microphones and advanced video encoding all ensure that things like low light and poor audio don’t interfere with your call. The TV camera enables video calls on a Samsung TV without a headset or webcam, allowing for crystal clear communication even at large distances from the television.

Published Date: Jan 08, 2011 02:26 am | Updated Date: Jan 08, 2011 02:26 am