CES 2011: EVGA's Secret Dual-GPU Card Sighted

Building the fastest graphics card in the world has been an ongoing process and it's something AMD and NVIDIA have been at for a while now. At CES, EVGA had a mysterious dual GPU graphics card on display. Rumours have it that it could be the much awaited GeForce GTX595. NVIDIA haven't launched a dual GPU card in a while now, the last one being the GTX 295.

Patiently awaiting the dual GPU goodness from NVIDIA.

The card on display had three fans lined up one next to another. Two sets of 8-pin power connectors are required to power this monstrous card. There should be 2 GB of memory shared between the two GPUs and SLI support will also be present. The GPUs being used in the card are likely to be that of a GeForce GTX580. EVGA didn’t disclose any launch dates. NVIDIA should also be launching their replacement of the GTX460 – the GTX560 very soon. AMD’s own dual GPU card, the Antilles (HD6990) is no longer a secret and their card is supposed to be out in the month of February. We’re hoping one of the two jumps the gun and launches their dual GPU card by the end of this month itself.

We’re expecting the dual GPU card to be fast and hot, but if you're looking

Published Date: Jan 10, 2011 01:08 pm | Updated Date: Jan 10, 2011 01:08 pm