CES 2010: The Peregrine Gaming Glove Gives 'Hands on' Gaming Experince

In the world of gaming, one of the many new innovations we can expect to see this year and that will also be showcased at CES this year is The Peregrine gaming glove. While we have seen similar products in the Virtual Reality division back in the day, this wearable device is designed to make the gamers experience a little more interactive and simple.

The Peregrine gaming glove is equipped with sensors that are placed at strategic points to enable simple gesture like connectivity to the games. The system on the glove itself comprises of 18 Touch Points and 3 Activator Pads that allow for over 30 user-programmable actions. Users will be able to associate actions using the bundled software which is also designed to be used for PC functions other than just gaming. The software will allow users to calibrate The Peregrine to suite their specific hand size and redefine Touch Point locations for the better accuracy and to a more customized experience. It’s hooked up to the PC via a magnetic break away cable and connected that’s gold plated and is located in the palm area of the glove.

The micro-wound custom Touch Point traces are designed to be robust enough for military use and the glove itself is designed to be washable. It also comes with interchangeable faceplates to suite player’s styles and the front-mounted LED will allows users to toggle between display modes such as “breathing” and “laser” modes. It’s designed to illuminate your hand as you play to create a unique light show as well.

The Peregrine is available on preorder via their website for a price of $129.99 USD that works out to about Rs. 6,000. Unfortunately it seems like the glove is only available at the moment for left handed users but it is available in three sizes.

Published Date: Jan 07, 2010 10:06 am | Updated Date: Jan 07, 2010 10:06 am