CES 2010: Details on the Microsoft/HP Tablet

Microsoft and HP have showcased their cumulative answer to Apple's awaited tablet, at CES 2010. Here's some info on the interface and design courtesy Gizmodo .

The touch device looks like a notebook (the kind you write in) for collecting any kind of content - web clips, personla notes, sketches, photos from the in-built camera, etc. Each of these gets a timestamp and geotag. It has something called a Smart Agenda that makes important items visible at a glance as is the Overview with an integrated search interface.

The stylus included, called the Pen, isn't like any other regular stylus. It has two buttons, an eraser, and different drawing modes that can be activated by a twist mechanism. You can 'undo' by pressing a the rear button and the front button is a quick-select that is adjusted according to the drawing mode you’re in. Finger gestures can also be used to interact with the device.

The inbuilt camera can be activated by a button on the device. Just point the front of the device at the subject you intend to take and tap the left screen to take a photo.

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Published Date: Jan 07, 2010 11:59 am | Updated Date: Jan 07, 2010 11:59 am