Celebrity Look-alike App Comes to The App Store

Animetrics, developer of next generation 3D imaging technologies for facial biometric systems, has launched Face Celebrity for the Apple App Store, the first of its planned Face applications for the consumer marketplace connecting mobile devices to Cloud-based photographic stores.

Face Celebrity Edition provides a simple and entertaining new way to use iPhones among friends matching the iPhone user to their most similar celebrity.

"The launch of Face Celebrity is a great milestone for Animetrics, Inc.," said Paul Schuepp, CEO of Animetrics. "We are very pleased that our customers will be able to experience the power and value of the Animetrics 2D-3D facial biometrics technologies in such an entertaining and unique application. The Face series of products demonstrates Animetrics' commitment to bringing next generation facial search technologies to the consumer marketplace."

Animetrics is known for its 2D-3D patented face creation and face recognition technologies. The company is in the process of testing and delivering two additional consumer facing products in the next quarter, including its MobileID line of products for government and law enforcement use and its credentialing services for mediation of privilege and use based on the facial biometric. Currently the Animetrics facial recognition architecture supports both iPhone and Windows Mobile platforms.

Face Series: Face is a family of facial identification applications running on mobile devices that leverage the iPhone's unique capabilities and innovative user interface. Face on the iPhone is a native iPhone application using standard internet protocols to send facial imagery to the Animetrics Face Identity Management Web-Sevice (FIMS) for face biometric processing.

Face has two primary functions -

  • As an interface to a biometrics identification systems for use by security, including law enforcement, military and private security.
  • As an entertaining "biometric game" assessing a person's similarity to popular celebrities and famous people.

Published Date: Feb 01, 2010 01:48 pm | Updated Date: Feb 01, 2010 01:48 pm