Cavemen had their own social networks

In yet another study comparing cavemen to modern day living, it was found that even cavemen had their own version of Facebook (it will be interesting to see what archeologists called what the cavemen were doing before the term 'social networking' was invented). According to the Financial Express, a 'prehistoric version of Facebook' was used by Bronze-age tribes to communicate with each other. The study was performed by a team from Cambridge University at two granite rock sites in Russia and Sweden. The team claims that the sites resembled the social networks in that the people living there would share their emotions and gave each others' contributions stamps of approval. Study researcher, Mark Sapwell said in a statement, "Like today, people have always wanted to feel connected to each other -- this was an expression of identity for these very early societies, before written language."

Carving out a status update

Carving out a status update



The researchers believe that people used to continuously go back to the same location to make their drawings and communicate with other people because they found it comforting and a 'deep human connection'. There are 2500 drawings of objects, like animals, humans, boats and hunting parties that the researchers found in the two locations there were investigating; one which is in Zalavruga in Russia and another in Namforsen in Northern Sweden. Sapwell says, "Like a Facebook status invites comment, the rock art appears very social and invites addition -- the way the variations of image both mirror and reinterpret act as a kind of call and response between different packs of hunters across hundreds -- even thousands -- of years."


Just like Facebook went from the computer to smartphones, the researchers found a trend where the cave paintings were becoming 'mobile'. Drawings that were made on the walls were then also found on portable objects like the handles of slate knives and pots. Sapwell commented on the matter saying, "These sites are on river networks, and boat is likely how these Bronze Age tribes traveled. They are natural spots to stop and leave your mark as you journey through, like a kind of artistic tollbooth."

Published Date: May 22, 2012 12:30 pm | Updated Date: May 22, 2012 12:30 pm