Carrier IQ, HTC, Samsung sued over wiretapping lawsuit

Seems like the Carrier IQ episode will not get over anytime soon and will have effects far and wide. In a startling revelation, it has been learnt that Carrier IQ, alongwith popular smartphone manufacturers, Samsung and HTC have been sued under the Federal Wiretap Act. If that sounded bad, here's worse!

It just gets worse now (Image credit: Gizmodo)

It just gets worse now (Image credit: Gizmodo)


According to a report on, the class action lawsuits, which have been filed at Chicago and St. Louis will require the companies to shell of hundreds of million dollars to pacify their customers, who've been feeling cheated after having found out that their moves were being tracked by a rootkit program nestled in their smartphones. The law, reportedly states that keeping a tab on communication, be it "oral, wire or electronic communications" is forbidden and those violating this law have to shell out $100 each day "for every violation that takes place."


The investigations in this respect, i.e. solely Carrier IQ, although is still in its nascent stages, it has been steadily moving ahead. Just this morning, we reported about Apple being questioned over its participation in "Carrier IQ tracking".

Published Date: Dec 05, 2011 06:09 pm | Updated Date: Dec 05, 2011 06:09 pm