Carrier IQ explains what it tracks and what it doesn’t

Ever since, Trevor Eckhart revealed of the Carrier IQ software that tracks user information, the company has been in the spotlight, obviously for bad reasons. While companies like Google, RIM and Nokia have clearly distanced themselves from such software, Apple was under scanner in Germany. Carrier IQ has come out in the open several times to disclose that its software only tracks the required key presses, depending upon what its carrier client requires, such as call drops and does not store any other information. This time around, the company has revealed what exactly it does through a detailed report. Reportedly, the Android log files showing a user's personal information should ideally not exist. However, the fact that it has happened, has been attributed to faulty software, which is seen only on those smartphones that come pre-loaded with the Carrier IQ software. Basically, Carrier IQ is trying to point out that it is some faulty software, and not them who is to be blamed.

Secretly tracks mobile activities

Carrier IQ explains what its software does


The report states,” Our investigation of Trevor Eckhart’s video indicates that location, key presses, SMS and other information appears in log files as a result of debug messages from pre-production handset manufacturer software. Specifically it appears that the handset manufacturer software’s debug capabilities remained “switched on” in devices sold to consumers.

The company is now working at this problem and aims at sorting the problem. Carrier IQ has thanked Trevor Eckhart for sharing his findings and helping them identify some of the issues highlighted in the report.

Published Date: Dec 14, 2011 11:59 am | Updated Date: Dec 14, 2011 11:59 am