Carbon for Twitter makes long-awaited entry into Google Play Store

Carbon for Twitter, a third-party client for the popular social network, is now available for Android users. Available on the Google Play Store for download right now, the app is available for free. Carbon has been a much-awaited app in Android circles and it has been teased for a long time. It was earlier scheduled to be released last July for Android users.

Despite its place among Android buffs, Carbon is actually a former resident of Windows Phone and WebOS. Carbon’s developer dots & lines has been giving glimpses to the press and fans. It is compatible with any device running Android 4.0 or higher. Sorry, Gingerbread users! Another downside to Carbon is that the app currently does not have a tablet-optimised version, whereas there are many Twitter clients like Falcon Pro have gained a steady following in the tablet segment.

Carbon for Twitter in Google's Play Store

Carbon for Twitter in Google's Play Store


We did a very small test run with Carbon on a Galaxy Nexus and the Holo-themed UI is very slick and intuitive. Just swipe right to go from your TL, to mentions to DMs. You can set up additional screens for your lists, searches, favourites etc. The app goes for a dark theme with very few colourful flourishes - the neon blue progress bar as well as screen indicators are two of the few exceptions.


Carbon does bring something different to the table. The pull to refresh gesture is quite refreshing - the timeline tilts and splits up like venetian blinds, while if you are one of those who just stare at the screen waiting for updates, Carbon alerts you with a big digit overlayed on the timeline.

Animated transitions greet you at every turn

Much of the screen is devoted to your timeline, with menus hidden away



Direct Messages are displayed in thread format. Users can speed scroll in any direction using two fingers to jump to the top or bottom of any screen. Tapping and holding down on tweets reveals more options right on the same screen. The Timeline is multimedia friendly with support for full inline images and videos. It also brings staple features like background updates. One special feature is support for quick actions from notification screen for Jelly Bean devices, so you can reply to tweets without entering the app. It also lets you filter your Timeline by hashtags, users and keywords.

Published Date: Feb 04, 2013 01:37 pm | Updated Date: Feb 04, 2013 01:37 pm