Can't Buy Me Love, But Can Buy Me On iTunes: The Beatles

All the Pods and Pads will not amount to Apple Computer's latest accomplishment. In a battle that's lasted over a decade, songs from musical icons, The Beatles, will be available via another 'musical' icon, iTunes. In August, the deal was still looking like it was too far to be made but Apple's been reported to be preparing to make a statement announcing that they've reached a deal with the Beatles.

Will soon appear together on iTunes

Talks between Apple Computer and The Beatles' executives at EMI Records started as early as last week and while no companies have commented on their talks, Apple has cautioned that minds can be changed at any point.

Apple Computers and The Beatles have been dishing it out since 1978, when the Beatles dished out against the computer company for stealing their trademarked logo. The Beatles recorded under the publishing, Apple Corps. They settled in 1981 when the computer company agreed they wouldn't get into the music business. The Beatles then sued the computer company in 1989 for having hardware that played music really well and settled in 1991. Finally, in 2003, hell broke loose again when the iTunes Music Store was opened. That drama ended in 2006 when surprisingly, the court sided with the computer company for once. Since then, iTunes has become an icon, where 90% of the world's music sells digitally. EMI Records, on the other hand, has been making huge financial losses. It has also been wondered why the individual Beatles' music, like Paul McCartney's has sold on iTunes but the Beatles' albums haven't.

Kid Rock, AC/DC and Bob Seger are other iTunes holder outers. But hopefully this giant step, literally, will convince them to join the machine and not fight it. This is quite arguably Apple Computer's greatest accomplishment, given the messy history between the entities involved. This could also be this digital decade's greatest moment, assuming of course, the deal happens before the decade runs out.