Canon announces Cinema EOS system line

The wait for the big announcement, which was scheduled for the 4th of November, this year, is over. Canon was expected to launch something major, early this month and and true to their word, they have. Canon has introduced a new Cinema EOS line of products, primarily including the EOS C300/C300PL camcorders. It is being claimed to be Canon’s big entry into the motion picture industry. There are also seven 4K EF lenses being launched - four of them zoom lenses and three of them fixed-focal-length models. Both the EOS C300 and C300PL camcorders use 35mm-equivalent sensors. They both use the DIGIC DV III processors. The camcorders store media using the MXF (Material eXchange Format) format on the two CompactFlash memory card slots. 




There’s also the option of using the optional WFT-E6B wireless transmitter used on Canon DSLRs that will allow users to remotely control the camcorders using a smartphone or tablet PC. There’s also a DSLR model being developed, which will be based on a 35mm-equivalent sensor and will be capable of shooting 4K video at 24fps. Other hardware details, as well as the product name and the launch date haven’t been mentioned, as of now. The C300/C300PL camcorders and the lenses are expected to be available for sale sometime in late January 2012.