Bully Block-Taking Down Cyber-Bullies

Have you had a serious problem with bullies? I’m not talking about the playground kind, but cyber-bullies. If your answer is yes, this may be just the right application for you. I just read on Gizmodo that there’s a new bully blocking sheriff in town and it’s called Bully Block. This app was designed for Android by Spy Parent LLC and will take down those bullies who are bothering you, your family or your friends.


An easy way to deal with cyber-bullies

An easy way to deal with cyber-bullies


Bully Block basically uses stealth to catch bullies in the act. It can record audio (verbal threats, etc.) and block unwanted content such as inappropriate messages with sexual overtones. It is also different compared to other similar apps on the market as it blocks bullies that utilize private or unknown numbers to make your life miserable. You can also instantly report a bully to the law, teachers, HR department or parents.

All in all, this does sound like an amazing application, and it can be yours if you own an Android device for the sum of just Rs. 57.60. According to me, that is a great deal, as you can’t put a price on your own or your family’s safety. If you want more information, or wish to buy the app, click here.

Published Date: Mar 30, 2011 10:20 am | Updated Date: Mar 30, 2011 10:20 am