Bulletstorm Announced

Remember Painkiller, the most awesome Serious Sam-esque game that had you fending off demons in purgatory? Well it turns out that the developers, People Can Fly have been on a long sabbatical since that game. After being bought over by Epic they ported gears of War to the PC but since then nothing. Till now.

Officially unveiled first in the latest issue of Game Informer is their upcoming FPS titled Bulletstorm.

Taking place in the 2011, Bulletstorm is a futuristic shooter than tells the story of an elite group of soldiers known solely as: Dead Echo. Unfortunately, not all was what it seemed for the group of soldiers when two of members, Grayson hunt and Ishi Sato, discover they have been working for the wrong side, then get betrayed by their commanding officer and end up being exiled into the far reaches of space. Grayson and Ishi will battle hordes of mutated enemies on the planet they have been exiled to. Aside from escaping the planet they only have one other goal in mind: Get revenge on those who betrayed them.

Expect more at E3 2010.

Published Date: Apr 12, 2010 10:57 pm | Updated Date: Apr 12, 2010 10:57 pm