Broadcom Multimedia Processor to Rock Mobile Computing

Broadcom Corporation, one of the leaders in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications has just announced its next generation multimedia processor that’s designed to deliver industry leading performance and lower power in the top multimedia categories for mobile devices. Using 40 nanometer (40nm) CMOS process technology, the new Broadcom BCM2763 VideoCore IV multimedia processor should provide even higher integration, smaller footprint size and lower power consumption than 65nm designs.

"VideoCore IV is setting new benchmarks for performance, power consumption and affordability and is poised to drive advanced multimedia capabilities into new tiers of handsets. Supported by our comprehensive line of complementary cellular and connectivity solutions, our multimedia processor technology is the right choice for next generation mobile designs." Mark Casey, Vice President & General Manager, Broadcom's Mobile Multimedia line of business.

With the higher integration and significant power savings from 40nm CMOS process technology, the BCM2763 multimedia processor features the most advanced mobile high definition (HD) camcorder and video playback, up to 20 megapixel digital camera and photo image processing, and 1 gigapixel 2D/3D graphics rendering for a world-class gaming experience. HD video, 3D games and high resolution 20 megapixel pictures can be displayed at top quality on full-sized HD televisions and monitors using an on-chip industry standard HDMI interface. Additionally, the BCM2763's highly integrated architecture reduces bill-of-materials cost to help drive sophisticated multimedia features into more affordable handset.

Published Date: Dec 18, 2009 06:06 pm | Updated Date: Dec 18, 2009 06:06 pm