Britney Spears is Trying to Take Over the Internet

Hold on to your earmuffs guys, Britney Spears is trying to make a comeback again. Someone basically told her 'the internet is a good place to make a comeback' and she's got snippets of her upcoming video, "Hold it Against Me" on Youtube. Not only has she gathered up 10 million views on Youtube for her snippets, she's also managed to remain on Twitter's trending topics for a week. And she hasn't even attempted to change the 'bad' girl image she's been sporting for so long.

Hold it against her... umm.. yea

This 5 second teaser (embedded below) was added on the 4th of February and has gotten close to 2.5 million hits. She's released 11 clips so far and Youtube trends has said they've gotten a total of 10 million views. All of this is to build up hype for her next album and we're hoping it comes out soon so the desperation can stop. She's not too hot on Facebook though, she's got only 8 million fans. Lady Gaga (who showed up at the Grammys in an EGG!) has 28 million. Will Britney's internet 'takeover' help her make her, what is it now, third attempted comeback?

Published Date: Feb 16, 2011 11:20 am | Updated Date: Feb 16, 2011 11:20 am