Brace yourself for the 5 planet line-up, this week

Planet gazers would be in for a treat, starting this week, for two weeks. Reports confirm that according to scientists, enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of a line-up of the five brightest planets in the sky - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with the naked eye. Quoting Arvind Paranjape, Director of Mumbai-based, Nehru Planetarium, the report added, "The planets that would be visible to naked eye are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Mars and Saturn are already visible without any optical aids... Mars can be seen in the East with the naked eye while Venus could be spotted towards west after sunset till 9 pm and Jupiter can be seen above Venus till 11 pm (during two weeks)."

Don't miss it! (Image credit: Getty Images)

Don't miss it! (Image credit: Getty Images)



Those hoping to spot Mars, should look out for a planet sporting a reddish shade. Mars, located in the Leo constellation, rises close to an hour in the eastern horizon after sunset. Mars, reportedly can be spotted almost through the night and those lucky will also be able to see it gradually come closer to star Regulus. In the days to come, gazers should also be able to spot Saturn in the east, around midnight. While those hoping to spot Uranus, should be able to do so, too easily, despite the planet's faint appearance, according to reports, since it will most definitely be close to Venus. 


This celestial treat continuing for close to two weeks is not something planet gazers would want to miss. So, keep your eyes peeled for some visual treat. 


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