Bose raises curtain on Wave Music System III for India at Rs. 34,763

Bose recently announced that it has updated its iconic Bose Wave music system, combining the acclaimed audio performance and small size which they claim offers more functionality and versatility. “The Bose Wave Music System changed the way people listen to music,” said Ratish Pandey, Director, Bose India. “It has delighted and excited owners for years, and has become one of the most enduring consumer electronics products in history. We’ve updated it with new features and accessories, making it even better for enjoying the radio and digital music.”

Bose states that for radio listening, the Wave Music System III now includes an improved FM/ AM tuner for clearer reception as well as artist name and song title, provided by many broadcasters, is now displayed on-screen.Available in India at Rs. 34,763

Available in India for Rs. 34,763


Bose claims that convenience is improved with a new touch pad integrated on the top of each unit for simple on/ off control or to snooze the alarm. With new dual alarms, owners can select separate wake-up times set to different sources and volumes.

The Wave Music System III integrates a slot-load CD player and both systems include an auxiliary input to connect a smartphone, iPod, HDTV or computer. The system also offers a Bose Link input for connection to optional accessories such as the Wave Bluetooth adapter for streaming music wirelessly from a computer or Bluetooth enabled device, the Wave Connect Kit for dock-and-play simplicity with an iPod or iPhone, and the Wave Multi-CD Changer for uninterrupted enjoyment of three additional CDs.

Bose goes on to state that regardless of the source, the audio performance remains unparalleled for table-top systems. Bose claims that the Wave Music System III delivers the same lifelike, natural sound that made it famous, combining patented waveguide speaker technology to deliver deep, rich low notes with proprietary digital signal processing to ensure musical accuracy across all frequencies and at all volume levels.

The Bose Wave Radio was first introduced by Dr. Amar Bose in 1993, and changed how people listened to music. For the first time, a small, table-top radio could deliver the audio performance of a much larger sound system. In 2004, Bose introduced the Wave Music System, offering improved audio performance, an integrated CD player and new functionality. Since then, the Wave Music System has been updated with acoustic improvements, additional features and new accessories, establishing both as two of the most timeless and renowned consumer electronics products of their time.

The Bose Wave Music System III is available in India for Rs. 34,763 and comes in colours such as Titanium Silver, Platinum White or Graphite Gray. The optional Wave Multi-CD Changer, Wave SoundLink adapter and Wave Connect Kit can be purchased separately and is not included as part of the package content. The Wave Music System III and its accessories will be sold at Bose Retail Stores, the Bose SIS and Croma. To know more about Bose Wave Music System III, click the link here.

Published Date: Jul 18, 2012 06:29 pm | Updated Date: Jul 18, 2012 06:29 pm