Bose launches crowdfunding campaign to find testers for its upcoming noise-masking wireless sleepbuds

Bose announced on 13 November that it is launching an Indiegogo (a crowdfunding website) campaign to test out its upcoming noise-cancelling wireless sleepbuds. The title of the Indiegogo page reads "Help us put an end to sleepless nights. We want your feedback to improve our latest innovation".

Bose Sleepbuds. Indiegogo

Bose Sleepbuds. Indiegogo

Currently, the crowdfunding campaign has been backed by 2,873 people and raised about $ 430,000. The earphones will be sold at $ 249, however, Bose offered several tiers of early bird pricing starting at $150 which are now over. The earphones are estimated to ship to customers by February.

The sleepbuds come with a noise masking feature and StayHear Sleep tips which block out common night-time noise disturbances like traffic, snoring etc. The earbuds also have silver-zinc micro-batteries which Bose claims are safe and can provide power for two nights of sleep on a single charge.

The sleepbuds also feature in-built memory and therefore come pre-loaded with a variety of soothing and relaxing sounds. The sleepbuds. like the Apple AirPods, come with a charging case which provides one additional full charge when it is not plugged. The sleepbuds come in three sizes and have the ability to set your alarm within the earphones.

What you will get in the box of the prototype Bose Sleepbuds. Indiegogo

What you will get in the box of the prototype Bose sleepbuds. Indiegogo

Those purchasing the prototype Bose sleepbuds will get the charging/storage case, three sizes of eartips, a wall charger with a USB charging cable and a travel pouch. In an interview with CNET a Bose representative said "In order to achieve a breakthrough form factor small enough to be comfortable for sleeping and fit a battery that supported sound playback for an entire night, we made the conscious design decision to not stream audio".

Published Date: Nov 14, 2017 18:39 PM | Updated Date: Nov 14, 2017 18:39 PM