BOLT SDK to Power Next Gen Mobile Email in Asia

Bitstream Inc. has just announced that thanks to the BOLT SDK next generation email services will soon available to mobile phones of all types. Based on the cloud computing architecture the BOLT SDK enables carriers, handset manufacturers and other service providers to build feature rich Java ME applications that can work just as well on entry-level feature phones as they do on high-end smartphones. The BOLT SDK lets any company with Web-based content, such as media companies, produce mobile Java apps that are ready to run on mobile phones already in the market.

Universally applicable

Universally applicable


To achieve both speed and an array of advanced features, Bitstream has engineered a cloud-computing architecture to enable all of the BOLT browser’s capabilities. This cloud-computing architecture is available to service providers as the BOLT SDK, which can be used to build robust Web applications delivered through their own custom user interfaces. The BOLT SDK, which supports Web apps written in HTML5, JavaScript and other Web programming languages, supports the same features employed by BOLT such as downloading files, desktop style layout and delivering high performance on resource constrained devices.


Bitstream’s customers leveraged the BOLT SDK to produce a mobile email service designed to reach and be used by more than 500 million Java ME mobile phone users in Asia so people can send and receive email, look up contacts, manage their calendars and perform a host of other personal information management tasks on their phones just as they could from their PCs. By using the BOLT SDK, this next generation email service works across virtually all mobile phone platforms and nearly all mobile phones in the market, including entry level phones. By using the BOLT SDK as its core application technology, this new email service can support new phone platforms and models as they are introduced.

Tthe BOLT SDK can be used by any service provider looking to create Web-enabled applications with the widest possible mobile phone support. The BOLT SDK is designed to be completely customizable and depending on the required application capabilities, can be configured in terms of package size and memory usage.

Published Date: Apr 15, 2011 11:15 am | Updated Date: Apr 15, 2011 11:15 am