Blurry cam image of supposed Samsung Galaxy S III spotted online

Not too long ago; yesterday, to be precise, an official looking render of the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S III had surfaced. This led the Internet to go wild with claims that this is what Samsung may actually reveal as the Galaxy S III. The image that surfaced yesterday was in-line with designs that have been expected to feature with this handset and unlike fans with Photoshop on their PCs, the image looked genuine. The picture of the handset that popped up yesterday featured an edge-to-edge display, a loudspeaker placed at the bottom of the bezel, a front-facing camera and a camera shutter button at the side. What seemed to come across as the most definite confirmation that the image could be the real deal was that it had a watermark of a PR company who has a track record of handling Samsung products. A few short hours later, another image of the highly anticipated handset has surfaced once more, this time, however, it is a blurry cam image of the handset that was captured in the wild.

First blurry cam image of the S III surfaces

First blurry cam image of the S III surfaces



According to a report by PhoneArena, the image has surfaced through the same medium, Reddit, and it has been posted by a person who claims to be a friend of a Samsung employee. The image in itself is not the best one available, as the flash ruins most of what can be told of the image. But the tipster was kind enough to detail some of the specifications that can found on this device. The source states, “the Samsung Galaxy S III will have a 4.7 inch screen that is characterized as being a Super AMOLED Plus screen with HD. Under the hood will be a quad-core Exynos 4412 processor. There will be 2GB of RAM aboard along with a 12MP camera (with flash). A 2250mAh battery will be powering the device and the whole phone is just 8mm thin.” The tipster goes on to add that Samsung is considering offering the Galaxy S III with Android 4.0 installed and TouchWiz on top of it as well as giving the user the option to toggle between the latter and a stock Android 4.0 experience. Also, the unit will have a ceramic “micro arc oxidation” back.


With the launch date looming close, we expect more details of this handset to surface. Let us know your reactions about the latest information of the Galaxy S III in the comments below.

Published Date: Mar 20, 2012 10:32 am | Updated Date: Mar 20, 2012 10:32 am