Bloody Palace mode for DmC Devil May Cry now available

The much-awaited Bloody Palace mode for DmC Devil May Cry is now finally available for download. The game mode is completely free and is part of a title update that makes some tweaks to the game to balance it out. You can check out the Bloody Palace mode in the trailer that Capcom has released.


Some of the changes in the update include increasing the damage done by some of the monsters and tweaks to the Style rating system that makes maintaining the SS and SSS ranks more difficult. There is also a fix to a major glitch that could cause Dante to fly around the game forever.

Capcom has also announced a release date and price for the Vergil's Downfall DLC. The DLC will be out on March 5 for the PS3 and PC, and March 6 on the Xbox 360. It will cost $8.99 (approximately Rs 490) on all three platforms.

Bloody Palace mode was announced back in January. The game mode was originally included in Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition and quickly became a fan favourite. It is a survival-based dungeon that has more than 100 levels and extremely difficult boss fights.

The Bloody Palace mode in DmC will let you compete for high scores on global leaderboards. It will be accessible after the update is released and you have completed the game once. Hardcore fans of the Devil May Cry series will remember Bloody Palace as one of the truest tests of a gamer's capability in what is undoubtedly one of the most challenging game franchises.

The Vergil Downfall DLC will give us a look at Vergil's story

The Vergil Downfall DLC will give us a look at Vergil's story


"But you'll probably be thankful for the experience - not to mention the superior weapon and move loadout - when you make your first foray into this very challenging mode," Capcom said.

Ninja Theory's reboot of the franchise has led to the main protagonist Dante looking a lot different than he used to be in the previous games. He is usually seen with long white hair and carries a sword, named Rebellion, that’s about as big as he is, but in the reboot, developer Ninja Theory has given him more of a teenage look with short black hair. An interesting thing to note is Dante’s abilities concerning angelic and demonic powers. The level design takes advantage of this and has platforming segments that require Dante to pull platforms to him or swing to other platforms by using his sword.

The game was released on January 15 on the consoles and January 25 on the PC. It has been praised for its visual design and crazy levels, but has been criticised by many old-school DMC fans for not being as challenging as the earlier games in the series.

DmC Devil May Cry follows the exploits of a young Dante—son of a demon and an angel—as he is sucked into a situation very similar to the movie They Live. Demons are in complete control over the planet through debt. People are controlled through the use of a soft drink—Virility. Dante must team up with his twin brother Vergil to take down the big bad of the game—Mundus. Since Ninja Theory is using the concept of Limbo—an alternate reality where crazy things can happen—this allowed the developers to go completely insane with the level design. You will see levels turning upside down and collapsing on themselves as new pathways open up.

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Published Date: Feb 21, 2013 17:07 PM | Updated Date: Feb 21, 2013 17:07 PM