BlackBerry's Software Roadmap Leaked, BlackBerry 7 to Launch This Year

Remember seeing the Blackberry roadmaps revealing the Montana, Sedona, Malibu and more? It just seems to be logical for RIM to have a software upgrade somewhere down the line as well. So, from what’s going on the internet, RIM should be releasing an updated OS for their devices in the form of Blackberry OS 7.0.

Goodies on the road(map)

Goodies on the road(map)



That’s not all , BlackBerry’s software roadmap also hints at some other goodies that BB users can get their hands on. And if things work out as per their roadmap, users won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on upgraded software. Starting off with BlackBerry 7, there’s no word whether it’s an upgrade to the 6.1 or will it be coming out with their new devices with upgrades for the older cell phones rolling out subsequently. Then there’s Facebook 2.0 beta 1 and 2, with the latter scheduled to launch this month. App World for PlayBook and BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) 4.0 should also be released around the same time.

In the coming months, we might see RIM launching BB Protect, BB News and Social Feeds and finally BlackBerry 7 in November 2011. So in all, 2011 might turn out to be a good year for BlackBerry users after all.

via n4bb

Published Date: Mar 07, 2011 01:28 pm | Updated Date: Mar 07, 2011 01:28 pm