BlackBerry Touch 9860 Appears in a Leaked Image

It’s business as usual for RIM as one of their smartphones was captured on camera, yet again. While we already have a glimpse of the BlackBerry Touch 9860 in an advertisement, another picture of it has been spotted on the net.

Bye bye red and green!

Bye bye red and green!


Unlike most of the times, this picture doesn’t really speak a thousand words. Rather it only shows us that RIM has done away with the green and red buttons for making and receiving calls. The buttons haven’t changed much but look quite cool on the Touch 9860. The rest that we know about the 9860 are as follows:

  • 640 x 480 pixels capacitive touch screen
  • GSM and CDMA compatible
  • WiFi, Bluetooth enabled
  • 5MP camera with 720p video capture
  • 4GB internal storage capacity, expandable with a MicroSD card
  • QWERTY keypad

For now this is all we have about the Touch 9860. However, we’ll still hang on and wait for some more details like launch dates and pricing, as well.