BlackBerry pulls out buggy Twitter update from BlackBerry World

BlackBerry’s woes continue. The company has now rolled back the latest update to the Twitter app, advising users to take a step back towards the previous version. In an update to the blog post introducing the update, BlackBerry announced that Twitter version 10.2.2 had been weeded out from BlackBerry World.


The reason cited for this removal has been “user reported issues” and the Canadian company says that it is actively investigating the cause for these niggles. It has been reported that the recent release of the Twitter app was overrun by bugs and users had been complaining about its performance since the release.

Twitter update pulled off store

Twitter update pulled off store


The 10.2.2 update for Android for BlackBerry, released earlier this month, had brought along with it several enhancements, meant to improve the micro-blogging experience. It added BBM Connected, a way to update BBM status along with the tweet, photo previews for the timeline, reply within tweets and improved search. The features seem great but their performance was not up to the mark.

BlackBerry has been urging users facing issues with their 10.2.2 update of Twitter to downgrade to the last stable version – 10.2.1. You need to first delete the existing application from the device. Go on to BlackBerry World and Settings. Go to the General tab and then Refresh BlackBerry World. Now when you search for and install Twitter, you will get the 10.2.1 version by default.


Published Date: Dec 30, 2013 17:40 PM | Updated Date: Dec 30, 2013 17:40 PM