BlackBerry Mercury and newer Android smartphones will make it to India

While BlackBerry fans went ga ga over the recently announced 'Mercury' smartphone at CES, fans in India were however left disappointed. This is because soon after the announcement manufacturer TCL confirmed that it would not be able to sell the device in India because of licensing issues. This meant that the unnamed device codenamed 'Mercury' was not headed to India among other countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia. But now there's some good news.

Turns out BlackBerry won't be missing out on its biggest markets as it will be tying up with other manufacturers to reach out to these important markets.

In the official Inside BlackBerry blog, Ralph Pini COO and GM, Mobility Solutions at BlackBerry hinted that he was happy with how well the new Mercury was received at CES 2017. Post that he said that the company has tied up with BB Merah Putih to continue bringing BlackBerry branded phones to Indonesia, hinting that the new devices could make it to India after all, although these would not be manufactured by TCL.


BlackBerry CEO John Chen noted at a press event during CES: “There’s going to be more BlackBerry phones out there because now I have multiple parties creating and distributing and I have local partners to compete in the local space.” We are starting to gain great momentum with our licensing strategy. Look for us to continue pursuing additional licensing partners to bring Mercury as well as other new smartphones to the rest of the world." So yes, the BlackBerry Mercury is coming to every market globally but it may take a while till it arrives.

The device showcased at CES 2017 looked durable, used premium materials, and is aimed at professionals and business users. Apart from the signature BlackBerry keyboard, the smartphone will also have other familiar BlackBerry applications, including the Hub+. The physical keyboard is touch sensitive, and the glossy finish on the keys mimic the appearance of glass. The screen is apparently a 4.5-inch display in a 3:2 ratio. The device is rumoured to have a 2GHz Qualcomm processor with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Both the front and back cameras can capture 18MP resolution images.

Published Date: Jan 12, 2017 02:43 pm | Updated Date: Jan 12, 2017 02:43 pm