BlackBerry Link syncing software now out for BB10 devices

If you have already purchased the BlackBerry Z10, you’ll probably want the latest desktop sync tool released by BlackBerry for Windows or Mac computers. The service is called BlackBerry Link and is available for download here.

BlackBerry Link replaces BlackBerry Desktop Software, which is still the syncing software for BB phones that run the 7.1 OS. The new software lets you access, sync, share and organise your photos, music, videos and files over Wi-Fi or USB between your BB 10 device and the PC. BlackBerry Link supports both Windows Media Player and iTunes for syncing music.

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry has launched the BlackBerry Link software to sync content between BB10 devices and a PC or Mac


Users have to use their BlackBerry ID to sign in with BlackBerry Link. The software automatically associates your computer with the BlackBerry 10 device. BlackBerry Link also helps you keep your data securely backed-up and allows easy restoration. More importantly, it lets you check for and install device software updates.

BlackBerry has made it especially easy for BB die-hards to make the switch from their old device to a BB10 smartphone. Using BlackBerry Link, you can also transfer contacts, messages etc. from one device to another. Besides, you can also transfer multimedia content, calendar items, memos and notes, BBM contacts, bookmarks and favourites. The software also allows transfer of things like alarm and clock settings, so you don’t have to waste time setting them up again. This is a great feature for those who swear by their BlackBerry. You can also transfer non-enterprise WLAN Profiles and all your old passwords. SIM card files, however, have to be moved to your device memory or your external card first before they can be transferred during the device switch.

Those who have switched to the new OS from either iOS or Android can also transfer files, contacts and emails from their device to the BlackBerry 10 phone using the BlackBerry Link software.

BlackBerry announced its new OS earlier this week along with its latest devices the touchscreen Z10 and the QWERTY keyboard-equipped Q10. BlackBerry also announced major app partners for its new platform, bringing over 1,000 of the most popular apps as well as deals with the top music labels, movie studios and TV broadcasters who will bring their content to the BlackBerry World storefront.

The company has placed great emphasis on the fact that BlackBerry 10 is built around multi-tasking and features a brand new camera feature called Time Shift. We have a detailed breakdown of the new OS here.


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Published Date: Feb 02, 2013 02:49 pm | Updated Date: Feb 02, 2013 02:49 pm