BitTorrent releases uTorrent client for Android

BitTorrent Inc. today released the Beta version of uTorrent for Android smartphones and tablets. This is the first official uTorrent app for mobile devices released by the uTorrent team, as per a report by TorrentFreak. You can find, download, subscribe to RSS feeds and play videos directly from your Android device through the app. The uTorrent Beta release is available on Google Play completely free of charge.

Android users could so far only control the uTorrent PC client remotely via uTorrent Remote. Although the app is widely-used, a native client for Android opens up an entire realm of possibilities. It came to light in February this year that BitTorrent Inc. was working on a mobile version of the client for Android devices, but no concrete details were mentioned at that time.

A post on the official uTorrent blog states, “For the past few months our engineers have been hard at work developing a mobile BitTorrent app that is worthy of the name “µTorrent.” In order to live up to our high standards, we knew that the app would need to be fast, lightweight, powerful and better than anything else currently on the market. After months of hard work (and copious amounts of coffee) we are proud to release µTorrent Beta for Android to the Google Play store.”

A screenshot of the uTorrent app for Android

A screenshot of the uTorrent app for Android


Unfortunately for iOS users, a uTorrent app for Apple’s platform is not coming anytime soon. BitTorrent Inc. apparently told TorrentFreak the company was currently “focusing on growing our Android clients.” However, a uTorrent remote app for iOS is available on the App Store. BitTorrent Inc. has also been working on a Linux client, which was suspended for a while as the main uTorrent branch for Windows took on some major changes. Few companies want to be connected to BitTorrent in any way as the easy content distribution facilities it offers leads to software piracy.

uTorrent isn’t going to be the first native BitTorrrent app for Android, though. It might offer some neat features, but there have been native apps that allow you to download torrents. aDownloader and aTorrent are two such examples that are freely available on the Android Market. They allow users to download files over Wi-Fi and other 2G/3G data connections. According to TorrentFreak, there is definitely huge demand for BitTorrent clients among Android users. “uTorrent’s current main competitors are tTorrent, aTorrent, FrostWire and aDownloader, which have been installed by millions of users,” the report states.
uTorrent is extremely popular with some 140 million users using it each month, and that number is only increasing. The number of mobile phone users and also Android phone users is massive and many of them use smartphones with data connections.

Published Date: Sep 06, 2012 03:46 pm | Updated Date: Sep 06, 2012 03:46 pm