Bitdefender 2013 now out for public beta testing

After a year of innovation and awards for its 2012 anti-virus software, Bitdefender is opening up its much-anticipated 2013 generation for public beta testing. The security company is offering beta testers the chance to further raise the bar for the global computer security industry by helping make the top award-winning software even better. Prizes for the best beta testers of Bitdefender 2013 software, include a tablet, a laptop, a Windows phone and 100 Bitdefender 2013 licenses. Bitdefender is the creator of one of the most effective lines of internationally certified Internet security software and since 2001, Bitdefender has been an industry pioneer, introducing and developing award-winning protection technologies.

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"The 2012 version became the antivirus software to beat for the entire industry - the ultimate measure of quality," said Catalina Albisteanu, Consumer Line Product Manager at Bitdefender. "Now, with the 2013 version, we are facing the toughest competition of all - ourselves. So we're looking for elite beta testers for an elite product."


In Bitdefender 2013, the Safepay secured browser seals online transactions and home banking in a tamper-proof vault. Safebox offers the convenience of online storage secured by the Bitdefender name and Autopilot offers a mature, reliable technology that needs no babysitter. Parental Control, Anti-Theft and more tie a secure knot over the 2013 package. Last year, the company easily pulled ahead of the rest of the anti-virus industry. The innovation of Bitdefender's 2012 products won the world's top awards and placed the company further into the lead of its industry worldwide. The link to the Beta page is currently down, but it should be up and running in a while, so try again a little later if you want to test it out.

Published Date: May 16, 2012 09:49 am | Updated Date: May 16, 2012 09:49 am