Bing is more search effective than Google

Google may dominate the search market but in a study by Experian Hitwise, the search engine was shown to be a less effective search tool than Microsoft's Bing. Experian uses "success rate" to determine the effectiveness of a search engine, by which they mean the percentage of search queries that resulted in a visit to a website. According to Experian, the success rate for Bing was 80.04% while that of Google's was 67.56%. Even Yahoo search was more effective than Google, with their success rate being 81.36%.

Bing wins the 'effectiveness' round

Bing wins the 'effectiveness' round (Image courtesy: As You Like It)



Experian says that Google and Microsoft should use this information to step up their game and figure out how to minimize unsuccessful searches. They also say that search engine users can help improve these success rates by searching with more specific queries. Furthermore, this information could help Microsoft boost its revenue from online services as it can show marketers that keywords purchased on Bing have a better click-through rate than keywords purchased on Google.