Bing integrates Klout to bring “Expert Answers” in search results

With a view to strengthen its position in the social space, "Klout Experts" answers will show up at the top of the Bing search results. By doing so, Bing will be able to support Q&A format queries from users. This integration comes as a part of Microsoft-Klout partnership, wherein Microsoft had invested in the latter last year.


Top of the search results


The official Klout blog reveals that it has made Klout Experts available as a preview to a small percentage of its users. “If you’re one of the influencers we’ve tapped for early access, when you come to Klout you will have the opportunity to share your insights to questions about the topics you are most interested in. You can also request early access to Klout Experts by signing up for the waitlist,” says the blog.
The new "Klout Experts" will display answers from top Klout users and influencers. The top Klout users have been asked questions in their influential field and are directed to give 300 character responses on the topic of their expertise. For example, a person building his/her influence in photography could be asked, “What’s the best digital SLR for beginners?” A fitness expert may be asked, “What’s a great exercise routine for someone with bad knees?” and so on. Questions could be on varied topics ranging from travel to technology.


Hear it from an expert


While searching on Bing, Klout “Expert Answers” will be seen in a big bold listing within the main search pane. It won’t be a part of the social bar which usally displays additional content. Users can directly click on the results and will be directed to the Klout profile of the respondent. Initially, one will find only limited “Expert Answers”, but Klout plans to expand it to millions of queries later. Just like Quora, Klout will feature index-able answer pages that aggregate and highlight expert responses.

Basically, Klout is for finding the people who influence the opinions and actions of others, which plainly means people who know what they’re talking about. With this integration, Bing users can get some real influential answers from experts.

Published Date: May 09, 2013 10:05 am | Updated Date: May 09, 2013 10:05 am