Bing image search gets 'Pin to Pinterest' feature

Microsoft claims to have made pinning from Bing simpler, with its new "Pin to Pinterest" feature. This feature on Bing image search will allow users to pin the image results directly from the site to their chosen Pinterest boards. If hey spot something that they want to save to their Pinterest board, they can do it with a single click. 


An official post on Bing blogs confirms that with this feature, users do not need to install another bookmarklet in their browser; they can get started with just one click. In addition to that, Bing will automatically link the images to the original source so that users can locate it immediately. The post goes on to add that users can use Bing image search tools like sorting and filtering by size, colour, layout, in addition to looking for images within a particular website.

The new 'Pin it' button

The new 'Pin it' button



Those interested can get started right away. They can search for images on and hit on an image of their choice. Next, they will have to click on the Pinterest button to pin, sign in and then go about pinning their favourite images to their Pinterest board. 


Allowing users to pin images to their favourite Pinterest boards seems like an interesting update, since Pinterest users can get themselves a new arena for content. 


Explaining how it all began, the post states: "Last fall, we hosted a group of lifestyle and design bloggers at the Bing headquarters to better understand their search and social media habits. What we discovered is a community that does more than its fair share of image searches, with much of it tied to Pinterest. They shared some of the hassles they face, and that finding efficient ways to hunt down original, high-resolution images and filtering image results were some of their pain points."


Pinterest integration is not Bing’s debut outing with social sites. Last month, Microsoft added a bunch of new features to Bing Desktop, the company's year-old feature. It allows users to search the web right from their desktop. With Bing Desktop, users can see what their Facebook friends are up to and check their news feed, photos, messages, friend requests, notifications – all without opening the browser. Those who are keen on trying this out, but do not have Bing Desktop yet, will have to first download it here. The lightbox that appears once the download is over, houses the Facebook icon and can be recognised easily. Upon quickly signing in, users can find all the aforementioned details. Then there is the wheel-icon for options, using which users can add tweaks to enhance their Bing Desktop experience, like picking a different theme colour and enabling auto paste text search function, among others. 


Users can minimise the toolbar, if they choose to, by hitting the minimise icon. Those who want to launch the search box quickly using a couple of keystrokes can set a keyboard shortcut by going to the Preference option with Options.


The Top Contents option, which is denoted by a page-pen icon, gives users access to top news, trending images, top videos and other popular content right in the lightbox. Clicking on any of the images, videos, news articles will open it in a browser.   

Published Date: Apr 13, 2013 03:02 pm | Updated Date: Apr 13, 2013 03:02 pm