Bihar, Microsoft India to build 'School of the future'

Yesterday, the northern state of Bihar celebrated a glorious 100 years of existence, and it decided to do so, rather differently. The Bihar government announced that, beginning from the coming month they, along with software manufacturing giant, Microsoft India would promote digital literacy on a wider scale in the state. For one, beginning from next month, the two will launch a one-of-its-kind project in the state, which they believe will be the model to the 'school of the future.' Further, the state would have more of such programs, which will widen the scope of digital literacy - a crucial aspect to development looking at the direction the world’s taking, as well as make the best of the use of computers - both, by teachers and students in the state. Quite impressively, in an attempt to fuel this project, Microsoft India adopted 5 girls’ schools to impart their training, under their Digital Literacy Programme for computer training.


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Bringing digital learning to Bihar



According to reports, 5 government schools in the state will, along with Microsoft India be a part of their project named - Window to the world. Quoting Rajesh Bhushan, State Project Director, Bihar Education Project Council, the report stated, "The aim of the initiative is to reach out to students and educational stakeholders to build capacity within the state on a limited budget”, while Irina Ghose, Director, Education, Microsoft India, is of the belief that a project like this would give the Bihar government a view of how they could ensure better student engagement in classrooms, and in turn learning with the help of technology. The project, according to the report also aims to provide several "computer-aided learning opportunities" to students in government schools across the state, studying in classes VIII- XII. This project, they believe will also encourage more platforms, as such, which would connect students and teachers, globally. 


Needless to add, the larger aim is to plot the state as a model for wholesome education in the country, wherein students are being imparted Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled education at the secondary level.


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Published Date: Mar 23, 2012 06:04 pm | Updated Date: Mar 23, 2012 06:04 pm