Bhim gets updated with additional languages, spam report function and improved privacy settings

The Bhim application has just gotten updated to version 1.2, and users can download the update from the Play Store. If auto-update has been enabled, then users should already be having the latest version of the application. This is the second time the app has been updated since its release in December. The previous update added squashed bugs, whereas this update introduces a number of new features and languages.

Image: Bhim

Image: Bhim

AP Hota, MD & CEO, NPCI said, “We are pleased to launch the new upgrade for all Bhim users. The new version offers enhanced security features, superior user experience which makes digital transactions much more safe and secure. We believe this will lead to higher acceptance among customers as well as merchants. At NPCI we remain committed to customer centric approach by constantly innovating and improvising our services.”


When the application was released, English and Hindi were the only languages available. Now seven more regional languages have been added. These are Odia, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Gujarati. The languages can be picked from the top right menu. The languages can be switched from one to another at any time instantly.


So far transactions were supported through UPI address, USSD, IFSC and QR Code. Now there is an additional option for paying through the Aadhaar number, a feature that was announced for the app a week ago. In the make payments menu, there is an option to pay by feeding in the Aadhaar number. The recipient has to have an Aadhaar linked bank account for this mode of payment to work. There are no additional authentication steps necessary for payments made through Aadhaar numbers. However, on entering the Aadhaar number, it is possible to verify if the money is going to the intended person by looking at the details before making a transaction.


There are additional privacy options available. Users can now disable the mobile number based UPI address that is generated by default. There is a toggle to switch between turning the payment address on and off. This way, users who get repeatedly spammed on their phone numbers for payment requests, can prevent spammers from disturbing them. There is also now a spam report option for payment requests. Users can report any payment request as suspicious.


The Bhim app now has an improved feedback mechanism, that allows users to send inputs directly to the Bhim team. If registration of mobile number through OTP or USSD fails, there is now an option to retry the registration. For users with dual SIM phones, there is now an option to switch between the two SIM cards. If a passcode is forgotten, there is now a mechanism to retrieve it. Transactions that have gone wrong can directly be reported to the concerned bank from within the app itself. If unsolicited payments are received, there is now an option to reverse the payments.

The Bhim team is responding to queries on from their twitter handle at @NPCI_BHIM. More information on how to use the application is available here. For those not using android phones, or smartphones, the same functionality on Bhim is available through NUUP by just dialling *99#.

Published Date: Jan 26, 2017 11:33 am | Updated Date: Jan 26, 2017 11:33 am